I am writing this to let everyone know that I was in a very bad place when I went to see Dr. Greene several months ago. I am so serious when I say, My life I thought was going to end because I was very sick and not healthy. I felt sick all the time, didn’t want to eat, never went out, unless I had to and had many personal problems.

I was at the point where I made my own DVD’s with pictures and music on them and planned out my own funeral because that is how sick I was and how I was thinking. What I was thinking and it is very hard to say now, that I was going to die, and that no one could find out what was wrong with me. I went to a few Doctors, they ran some tests, but they couldn’t seem to diagnose that anything was seriously wrong. They just dismissed me as though nothing was wrong, even if I had lost 40 lbs. and for no reason. I was not trying to lose weight, it just fell off because I could not eat, and digest anything. I was in pain, bloated and sometimes couldn’t even swallow, not even my favorite foods, it was like trying to stuff poison down my throat.
After a few visits with Dr Greene my life changed, she got me started on some herbs that my body needed, talked to me about so many different things that I knew nothing about as far as the body goes and how a lot of things work.

Now with all of the new things I am doing and for all the right reasons, I am eating the foods good for me, taking my herbs and special supplements, exercising and enjoying my life. I am doing things for my personal healing plan that no doctor ever had the time to do with me and I had never done before- all because of her guidance. I am following Dr. Greene’s great advice and I feel like a new person. Now I go out to eat, go shopping and do things with my grandkids.

Before, I just didn’t want to leave the house, not even for family birthdays, get together, dinners or even want to go on vacation. I was constantly in pain in both my body and emotions.
Now I am trying to plan a family vacation with the grandkids for 2014 that is how great my life is now thanks to Dr. Greene.
So if anyone has any doubts about how well you can become then I would very highly recommend that you call and make an appt. with Dr Greene she has changed my life and made me want to live again.
So from the bottom of my heart, Thank You Dr. Greene

October 7th, 2013 by Mariette Kammerer

I have known Dr. Constance Greene for over two years and I knew right in the beginning what a special person I was meeting. A person, who has the drive, passion, skill set and knowledge to be the ‘‘The Sleuth of the Body’’…….Dr. Greene uses her knowledge in Western and Eastern medicine to find the underlying cause of one’s illness and pain. She knows that for true healing to take place one needs to balance their mind-body and emotions.

I highly recommend Dr. Greene to anyone who needs to restore their health and wellness. I am one of Dr. Greene’s patients and I totally trust her assessment, evaluation, protocols and healing modalities.

I have introduced and recommended Dr. Greene not only to my Radio Audience on Lifechanges with Mariette, on WICC 600 AM in Connecticut, Long Island and New York, but also to my clients and friends. I understand their results have also been overwhelming in each patient I referred. One patient comes to my heart and mind : My friend E was so distraught and sick because her dog, “Duffy”…became blind almost overnight having been diagnosed with SARS, a condition which causes blindness in dogs. She had a respiratory illness which was made worse by her sadness for her dog’s condition. Dr. Greene recognized this and developed a healing protocol for both my friend and Duffy. I took care of Duffy for one week while his owner E was recuperating. I saw, for myself how this animal was suffering and how he felt and now I see a complete turnaround having implemented Dr. Greene’s protocol. His owner proudly reports that she has stopped coughing, smoking and feeling tired and that Duffy’s daily life has changed. He now can move around the house, deck and garden without ‘bumping’ into things and falling off the deck. Duffy and E still have to continue with their protocols and we do not know if Duffy’s full eye sight will return but he and his master are both on their healing journey together.

It takes a compassionate, skilled Professional to make our Body, Mind and Emotions better…when we need it…..and one thing is for sure….we all will need it at some point.

I am proud to call Dr. Constance Greene an Expert in her field and a Friend to my heart and have in my public and private circle.

Kind regards,

Mariette Kammerer

Westport, CT

Director KES Educational Services, Inc.


July 17, 2012

C/O Regional Network of Programs

I’m writing this letter of recommendation for Constance Greene, the Registered Dietitian/Diabetes Educator/ Wholistic Nurse who is both a personal and professional friend.

Constance is a wonderful person who sincerely cares about people and their health. I have personally seen her care for people and their families. She always demonstrates excellence in her counseling, nutritional assessment and teaching as well as evaluating their nutritional needs. She has worked for other agencies and has managed their food safety programs, food services and menu planning. Her work in conducting community diabetes education classes for diagnosed diabetics and prediabetics has been exemplarity. Her wealth of information about diabetes and nutrition is instrumental in helping people to make positive lifestyle changes. Her teaching style is seen as always innovative and creative.

I highly recommend Constance Greene for any work involving nutrition, food management , counseling and dietetics. Constance is a “People Person” who puts her heart into her work assisting those under her care.