Mission Statement

Holistic health has been used for thousands of years and in many cultures. These ancient healing practices are being recognized by the orthodox medical community as viable methods for prevention and treatment of various conditions and diseases. It is the belief of the holistic practitioner that people are a collection of the whole, being affected by both the physical and emotional components of their inner and outer being and their energy levels, interchanging with the elements of daily life, their community at large and the universe. Each of these areas shape the person in mind, body and emotions and therefore impact their health and wellness.

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Socrates: A part cannot be well unless there is wholeness in the body.

Our clients range in age from pre-conceptual care, to infants and children to teens, middle-aged, elderly for nutritional and palliative care.

We have educational worksite programs to improve the health of the workforce and help decrease insurance rates. Some of our programs include; stop smoking you weren’t born a smoker, weight management-do you know what’s on your plate? Kitchen Cures- Can they help you? Transformations: a weight management program that really works especially for the folks with belly to loose.