Clinical Pearls

Coconut Oil is becoming very popular although a saturated fat, coconut oil has many health benefits as it increases vitality, energy, sex drive, helps lower cholesterol, and helps weight loss. You can cook with it or mix it in your smoothie-1 tablespoon three times a day is a nutritional pearl.

Clean up your cleaning supplies at home-most of these supplies contain toxic phthalates -even products made for babies. Buy products in glass bottles, since many of these plastic containers still contain Bisphenol A(BPH) look for the genuine USDA Organic Seal.

Keeping our digestive tract in great working condition, keeps us well. In the natural health world our intestinal track is considered the second brain, is where 80% of the neurotransmitters are made and are transported to the brain, and where the majority of our immune system exists.

Maintaining our intestinal health, is critically important to ward off disease. A healthy bowel has somewhere between 2 to 5,000,000 bacteria, which live in a symbiotic relationship to our bodies helping us make some essential vitamins and keeps the bowel wall healthy and keeps the bad bacteria from accumulating and causing us disease.

1/3 of adolescents have blood glucose out of control.
Digestion- Who doesn’t have a digestion problem? Visit my practice and I will make you feel better immediately.

Take my DIABESITY Challenge – In 8 months of solid clinical experience and scores of happy clients – This mini fast is most effective in boosting a weight lose program.